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National Road Safety Week

April 2017

National Road Safety Week commences on Monday 8th May to Sunday 14 May 2017

During National Road Safety Week, Road Safety Education (RSE) in combination with RYDA's student numbers reaching 500,000 will be conducting a number of activities to raise awareness for road safety.

While the spotlight will be on the challenge ahead to reduce the unacceptable road toll, we must also recognise and support those initiatives that are already making a real difference. When the RYDA road safety education program was initiated in March 2001, Australia had just reported an annual road toll of 1,817 deaths, including 487 young people aged 17-25. Last year, the road toll stood at 1,300 deaths, with 264 from the youth age group. While these statistics show a 28% decrease in the overall road toll, they importantly show an encouraging 46% decrease in the 17-25 age group.

We believe that these statistics provide additional evidence that the Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS) for novice drivers and an increased focus on youth driver education through programs such as RYDA is certainly having a very significant impact in helping to save young lives on our roads. However it is still a national tragedy that 264 young people lost their life on Australian roads last year and more must be done to reach our vision for “Zero Youth Road Trauma”.

RSE’s Ambassador, Peter Frazer (President, SARAH) will be hosting a short ceremony at the Sydney International Regatta Centre to recognise National Road Safety Week and to celebrate the half a million young people who have gone onto our roads as safer young drivers and passengers after participating in the RYDA Program.

First published by Road Safety Education Limited.